Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RITM Meeting May 22, 2006

Fellow Toastmasters,

Doris Chernik served as Toastmaster for the meeting of May 22, 2006, which was called to order shortly after 8:00 P.M. due to the late arrival or non-arrival of some of the scheduled participants. As in the world of the theater she knows so well, the show must go on, so our very competent Toastmaster improvised a bit and had the two speakers who were present do their presentations before the Table Topics session, which is usually done before the first scheduled speaker takes the podium. Anna spoke first and did an admirable presentation of Speech #6 (Vocal Variety) titled “Myths and Mysteries.” She was evaluated by Sue Brown. Luigi presented an energetic Speech #10 (Inspire Your Audience) titled “Old Loves Never Die.” He was evaluated by Jill, who praised the depth of his knowledge of his subject and his excellent hand gestures and body language in general. His vivid descriptions were done without using visual aids, but he suggested that members of the audience do an Internet Search to find the relevant works of art pertaining to his topic and the beheading of John the Baptist. The thought invokes an emotional response, so the objectives of his presentation were met, and I for one was certainly inspired by his presentation. Jill took Best Evaluator honors for her insightful observations and helpful comments, and Luigi was applauded for successfully completing the requirements for CTM. Silvia did a very able job as General Evaluator, her first time in that role, and Doris led the Table Topics session in addition to serving as Toastmaster. Al served as Timer, and there was one guest, Margaret, who spoke briefly during the Table Topics session. I (Woody) rambled a bit as the first Table Topics speaker when Doris asked me to comment on a recently read book. I’ve been viewing a lot of vintage films lately, so the several books I've recently acquired are still sitting on the shelf unread, and I couldn’t think of even one joke from a Bob Philips children’s book I read parts of a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, the other Table Topics participants performed better than I did, so the session proceeded smoothly. After going over assignments for the next meeting and devoting a few moments to club business, Doris adjourned the meeting before 9:30 P.M.

The next meeting will be held at 8:00 P.M. on June 12th in the Rivercross Community Room, and a Dinner Party and the final meeting of the semester will be on the evening of June 26, 2006.

Submitted Respectfully,

Woody Deas


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