Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meeting Notes June 25, 2007

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

The meeting of June 25, 2007 was called to order at 8:10 PM by Club
President Arlene Stock, who also served as Toastmaaster. Sue Brown was Table
Topics Master, and Doris Chernik was General Evaluator. As Word Master, Ana
Alba challenged us to use the word - resonate- in our presentations, while
Malcolm acted as Timer, and I (Woody) was Ah Counter. Actually, the fun
started around 7:45 because Arlene set up her Laptop prior to the start of
the regular meeting to share with us some digital photographs and other
images she captured at the Semi-Annual Dinner Party held at Stamatis
Broadway Restaurant in Astoria on June 11. By all accounts, the dinner party
was an enormously enjoyable experience. The ambience was cordial and
inviting, the food was great, the wait staff provided excellent service, and
the nearly 25 former and present members of the Roosevelt Island
Toastmasters Club who assembled there for the occasion, was a spirited group
who shared experiences, told jokes, spoke passionately during Table Topics,
or otherwise participated in making the event a success. Janet Schoene was
Toastmaster for that event.

There were two speakers on the Agenda for the June 25 meeting, Anna Falth,
who presented Speech #4 (How To Say It) titled - Swedish Traditions. She was
evaluated by Malcolm Cohen. Branko Rogic presented Speech #7, UN
Peacemakers' New Challenge, a project that required researching his topic,
and make an effective presentation that builds on skills developed during
earlier projects. I (Woody) was his evaluator, and I thought his
presentation was first rate, as did the other club members and one guest
(John) present. This was the last meeting of the semester before summer
break, so the business session was mostly transitional and acknowledging the
contributions of several officers and club members during the past year. Al
Short is our incoming President, so on behalf of all club members, I would
like to thank Arlene Stock for her dedication
and sterling leadership. We will miss her warm personality and her excellent
skills that made our officers meetings and club performance so fruitful. One
final note, District 46 has recognized our club as a Distinguished Select
Club, which is one level above a Distinguished Club, and one level below the
highest possible recognition for a Toastmasters club. Congratulations to all
our members because it by achieving specificToastmasters goals that this
recognition was made possible.

Submitted Respectfully,

Woody Deas, Secretary


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