Friday, July 05, 2013

Limited Invite From Bill Jula (co-founder) to try OPPRTUNITY

Bill Jula (co-founder) has invited you to become a part of OPPRTUNITY.

OPPRTUNITY identifies other professionals in the region who you should be doing business with.  We send you lead alerts via email each time we discover a match - whether you're looking for sales leads, job opportunities or job prospects.  It's like eHarmony for Business. 

Login using LinkedIn:

This is a limited invitation.  Only the first 500 professionals per industry per city will be given early access.

Bill Jula

The Search Is Over...

Did You Know?
OPPRTUNITY was just named the 6th fastest growing start up in the world for the week of June 24th.  Over 25,000 professionals already matched!












To remove yourself from our list simply reply to this email and type 'remove' in the subject line.
OPPRTUNITY, Inc.  447 Broadway New York, NY 10013


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